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In Memory

Frank Schweiss

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04/06/11 03:19 PM #1    

John Pipitone

i can't tell you how badly i miss frank. i can't even tell you how we became friends. i know we had a lot of classes together. after high school we seemed to grow even closer. we tended bar together at cousin hugo's for several years. we actually lived in the same four family flat on jamieson. he downstairs. me, upstairs. we were in each others weddings. he helped me out a million times more than i could have ever helped him. he was such a hands on guy.

after frank had his stroke, i would go to see him and his family, and we'd talk. somehow, our visits became less often and after a while, it would seem like weeks between a visit. i always and still feel terrible about it. i had kids who were relatively active, a job that had me working different shifts, a house to maintain, and all the other crap that goes along with life. but to this day, i still regret that i didn't see him more, especially at the end. then i could have told him how great a guy he really was.

at his funeral, i just broke down and cried. together with jack favre, dave scott, steve mistretta, mike badgely, mike dauphin, and kevin humphrey, we carried frank home.  i hope in part, that i was able to repay my debt, because frank had carried me so many times before.

one day i'll get to see him again, but not just yet.







06/22/11 03:10 AM #2    

James Egler

My most vivid memory of Frank is in junior year trig class.  Br. Tessmer was the instructer.  I forget exactly how it came up, but Br. Tessmer wasn't going to let us in on something coming up and Frank yelled out, "But Br., we are curious-Yellow".  That being the most touted porn movie of the year, I never ever saw Br. Tessmer jump out of that seat so fast and pull Frank out of the room.

05/24/14 06:19 AM #3    

Michael Panneri

I grew up with "Frankie" (his dad was Frank) and was in grade school with him at Holy Family.  Our parents were good friends and we went to each other's houses for barbecues often throughout the summer.  There were four families that were involved.  The parents shot the bull outside, enjoying adult beverages while this group of kids played.  I remember that group falling asleep in the living room in front of the TV and trying to stay awake to watch the national anthem being played and seeing the tv test pattern come on.  

Frank's older sister Barb just recently had a stroke and is recovering. Say a prayer for her.

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