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In Memory

Donald Appelbaum

Donald Appelbaum

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04/03/11 08:05 PM #1    

Matthew Frank

I remember hearing about Don's passing at mass on Sunday  I was really saddened and shocked. He was always sick even during grade school. I did not know he had leukemia. I wish I would have known how sick he was. It was the first time I had experienced a death of a friend at such a young age. When Don was healthy enough to be at school, I remember he was fun to be around. Istill can remember his laugh and smile. Even with all his health problems, he never complained. How brave he was the way he handled all his health problems and still always smiled and laughed with it all. He was a joy to be around. I also remember Don when he was healthy enough, playing touch football a couple of times with some of us after school. I still think about Don and miss him. He was a good friend.  He will be their in spirit with us always at our reunions. I hope to see him again someday when we reach our heavenly reward. Rest in peace, my old friend.

05/31/11 06:21 PM #2    

Daniel Armbruster


I wish you could be at our reunion, because I would be looking for you.  Sitting next to you since first grade, we had many smiles and accepting exchanges between us. "Take a handout and pass it back to the next person." the teachers would tell us, and there you'd be smiling at me.  I really new we were close when you told me in 7th grade, you came back from the doctor's and were going to die during school age.  "I just want to live to graduate." You are a very good example to attend classes and study so much knowing the end was near.  How many of us would go to school and give it the good efforts with your prognosis?  Thank you for making the advertising project so fun.  We made a wash machine out of cardboard boxes, and you were Mr. Clean coming out of it, during a laundry cycle, while I was the salesman!

When guys would make a joke about your family car being made just after the Model A, I would think how great your Dad was, to spend your family resources on your doctor visits.

If you were physically at graduation, I would like to ask, how was your passing into the next life, did you meet the Lord, what is it like to live in the Light eternally?  You learned and applied what we were taught in our faith.  I sure admire you, Don. 

Your friend,


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