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In Memory

Michael Krull

Michael Krull

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04/18/13 03:36 PM #1    

Daniel Armbruster


You were genuinely good, spontaneous with a smile and saying something  surprising.

You were ready for assignments, tests, visits. 

Sometimes I wonder how you had the answers.  When asked at 10 years old what was DNA,

you knew it was Di-oxyribonucleic acid, probably 4 years after its discovery. 

And what book you were reading was the dictionary. 

You made excellent grades by listening in class, not studying.

You made friends, and refreshed our acquaintences, with eachother.

Your cameras were extensions of physics.  And using them was fun!

You are here somewhere right now, as I write to you, for the last time, and transcending into Light.

Thank you for taking the time, and caring, "Doctor Krull".

Your life was worthwhile being with us.

Your friend,





04/18/13 08:00 PM #2    

John Pipitone

Although mike and I grew up just a few houses apart on the same street, we weren't that close. I knew him and his family for years but just didn't seem to mingle much. I regret it. When I would run into mike after graduation and we'd catch up, I realized what a good guy he really was. Polite, concerned, and most importantly, honest within himself. He never put on any airs. He didn't have to.
I think this world is better because of him.

04/18/13 11:04 PM #3    

Matthew Frank

Today my heart aches. I lost my best friend today . Mike and I were inseperable.  We went to grade school, high school and college together. We also played soccer and baseball  together. We even worked together in high school and were statistitions for the varsity football team. Mike was one of the smartest guys I knew. He also was funny, kind and generous. I will always treasure my friendship with Mike. He always made me laugh. I have so many great memories of our times together and I will really miss him. He always smiled and was so good to everyone he met. He always kept in touch with his friends. My sympathies go out to his family and  his devoted wife Sue. Sue was a real saint during his long illness and I am greatful for the love and care she gave Mike. Mike and I used to enjoy a few beers at Cardinal baseball and Blues hockey games. We also enjoyed going to Crusoes to have dinner and seeing our old soccer teammate Steve Limmer. Mike I know you are in heaven and at peace which gives me solace. I hope to see you in heaven someday. Thanks for the great memories old friend.

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