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St Marys 1971 announcements



Upcoming class activities

Please mark your calendar. Watch for email updates.  Sometimes changes are necessary!
Dragons living away from STL; please let us know date(s) you plan to be in town
Every effort will be made to hold a gathering while you are here.
Unless specifically requested, RSVPs are not needed.  
All events are open to friends and family who are always encouraged to join us!
5-9pm Thursday January 27th is the wake for Pat Wheatley
Kutis, Lemay Ferry just south of Butler Hill
below is a posting by 
Pat's family:

Thusday evening after Pat's wake '71 will re-conviene at Biggie's at 3332 Watson
for its annual birthday celebration for Phil Miceli and Larry Thaier 

Pat Wheatley's wife Jan shared news of Pat's passing.
For a good number of us, it's comforting our last memory of Pat was him singing at the 50-year reunion
As soon as it's learned time and place for Pat's memorial will be posted.
Rest in peace fellow Dragon
To read Pat's obituary click here
Class of '70 announced Craig Hawksley
passed away 12-30-2021

To view an article posted
by stlsportspage.com, click here
Post Dispatch report on Craigs passing; 
His memorial is planned in the Spring of 2022
Prayer request
for strength, courage and understanding of God's will
for classmate John Mernah and his family
over the 
passing of John's wife Sally
Sally's Obituary can be read here
Classmates can obtain a 50-year reunion 
commemorative cup (or two)
by contacting Daniel Armbruster 

February 17 St Marys Alumni Association Meeting (CANCELLED)
6:30pm Thursday February 17, 2022
Stacked Burger Bar
7637 Ivory Ave at Idaho
St Marys Alumni Association Meeting
7:30pm Thursday April 21, 2021
Bocce Court / Breezeway / Courtyard
Food & Beverages PROVIDED
 Please  join the Alumni Association by 

clicking the link below.  It's only $25 
All us  would love see Class of '71 has the most members of any graduating class!

Click the dragon to go to the Alumni Association's website to join up for only $25
St Mary's has a goal of a minimum of 500 annual members.
We are currently at 343
Let's do our part to help make it happen.
January 20 at Doc Haus, we celebrated Buchheit's birthday without Steve!
Holy Family boys were out in numbers
Front Dan Peterson, Mick Rea, Daniel Armbruster
Phil Miceli, Bill Krenn, Rick LaGrotta, Gary Bourgeois, Larry Held, Jerry Frick,
Kevin Humphrey, Bob Simokaitis, Marty Erikson, John Pipitone  
2021 Christmas Party at the Mack
Larry Held, Steve Buchheit, Phil Miceli, Dan Peterson, John Pipitone, Mick Rea, Bob Simokaitis, Rick LaGrotta
Rick Rutledge, Daniel Armbruster, Marty Erikson, and surprise dragons; Sam Ribaudo and Al Dreste  
St Mary's Alumni Christmas Party
Class of '71 was well represented by Larry Held, John Pipitone, Lenny Panneri '70, Daniel Armbuster, Mike Panneri,
Bob Simokaitis, Rick Rutledge, Ed Greaving, Mick Rea, Phil Miceli 
50-year reunion dinner party
Marty's wife Denise took the class photo!
The reunion was a blast!  To see the party photos, click here
Kudos to Biggie's Restaurant for jumping in the the last minute 
to provide a wonderful reunion banquet

50-year reunion golf at quirky, beautiful, challenging
Frank Flesch, Tom Bruggeman, Ron Donze, Mick Rea, Ron Donze, Mike Paneri, Joe Rekart, Bob Simokaitis
Rich Rutledge, Jerry Frick, Ed Greaving, Pat Wheatley, Carl Collignon, Phil Miceli, Steve Buchheit, John Heet
To see photos from the golf outing click here
50-year reunion football game
Pictured above Tom Christoffel, Joe Rekart, Gus Buttice, John Pipitone, Larry Held
To see all photos from the Friday night event click here
Reunion meeting at the SM Alumni meeting
August 19, 2021
Class of '71 was recognized for having the most attendees at the SMAA meeting
Ed Greaving, Rich Rutledge, Daniel Armbruster, Jerry Frick, Frank Flesch, Mick Rea, 
Bob Simokaitis, Larry Held, Bill Krenn, Rick LaGrotta, Dan Peterson
Class of '71 chipped in to purchase a hole sign for the upcoming
SMAA Bill Schicker Memorial Golf Tournament
50-year reunion meeting 
6:30pm Wednesday May 19
Photo take by Dan Terry's sister Pat,
Pictured are Rea, Humphrey, Held, Flesch, Buchheit, Norris, LaGrotta, Armbruster
Discussed results of the snail-mailing and financial report,
Next meeting, we'll divide up the list of classmates for phone calls. 
Friday 9-10, we'll need help (and loaned coolers) to go to Costco to haul ice and beverages for the football game,
Saturday 9-11 help needed to set up tables and decorate for the dinner party. 
Wednesday March 31 reunion planning meeting
At Rich and Charlie's
 Steve Buchheit, Steve Walsh Daniel Armbruster, Larry Thaier, Frank Flesch, Phil Miceli,
Jerry Frick, Kevin Humphrey, Pat Wheatley, Mick Rea, Rich Rutledge, Rick LaGrotta
SM Alumni Christmas Party
At the party Larry Held shared chilled brandy from his recent trip to the Czech Republic
Hope to see more from class of '71 at the class Christmas party
7:00PM Thursday July 11, 2019
Surprise Dragons; John and Earl Carroll
May 16th at The Mack
 We had 15-Dragons including suprise dragon; 
Steve Mistretta and his daughter Catherine

From the left; Bob Simokaitis, Mark Durham, Kevin Humphrey, Jack Favre, Larry Held, Mike Dauphin, Phil Miceli, Joe Rekart, John Pipitione, 
Katherine Mistretta, Steve Mistretta, Dan Petersen, Rich Rutledge, Rick LaGrotta, Marty Erickson, Daniel Armbruster
DeGreeff Family also well represented
The school is working to maintain and grow St Mary's academic and athletic traditions
while slowly updating buildings, grounds and technology needed to be competitive in today's education market.
Choosing an educational path, young men and their families have choices.
St Mary's is in the running, offering great education at a reasonable price. 
The school's aim moving forward is to have an even stronger positive influence on the south side;
educating and guiding its young men while helping to stabilize the neighborhood
by setting a high example and welcoming all to make use of its state of the art athletic facilities.
The term Renaissance was chosen because of the program objective;
a rebirth of St Mary's and of the South Side
Its alumni is one of St Mary's biggest strengths.  
18% of St. Mary's Alumni contribute annually to the school.  
Compared to 5-6% for alumni from other Catholic schools.  We are far and away the best!
"St. Mary's" is a great answer to the St Louis question; "Where did you go to high school?"
You don't need a meeting or a special invitation to do what you know is right.  
Please donate as you can to help the rebirth and to keep the tradition alive. 
St Mary's High School
4701 South Grand
St Louis, MO 63111
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