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In Memory

John Marshall

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03/20/11 09:23 PM #1    

David Bentrup

We were freshman.  I was wearing a cast on my left leg due to a fracture during a soccer game.  We were on our way up a stairwell to another class and some jerk behind me knocked me over...cast and all...books all over the place.  Words were exchanged and when all was said and done...I had just challenged John Marshall to a "fight", after school, out in front...you know...where all Dragons fought.   Well, after school we met out there to "throw down".  I honestly have no recollection of a fist being thrown...but I do remember John pushing me and with that damned cast on, I lost my balance and fell down.  Fight over.  But that was the lowest moment of my relationship with John.  Best of friends, No.  But we got along pretty well for the next four years.  It is with deep sorrow that I will not see John again.  No chance to relive our "fight"...No chance to enjoy sharing our growth since St. Mary's.  I find myself very sad since hearing of John's passing.  John, you will be in my prayers always...but especially the day/night of our reunion.                                                                                                                      

                                                                                Dave Bentrup, Dragon

04/03/11 07:06 PM #2    

Matthew Frank

I was very sad to hear about John's passing. I did not hear about it right away. I don't know what happened to John. I can tell you that it was a kick to know him. I lost track of John after High School. I had the pleasure of growing up with John at I.H.M. he always was a wild and crazy guy, and he feared nothing. My funniest memory of John was in grade school and we were about to begin sex education classes. John decided he was going to give me his own personal lecture on sex education. He told me he liked to do it in the bathtub and watch the little fishes swim in the water. He always loved to have fun. You never knew what John was going to do next. I  miss John and regret loseing contact with him after high school. It is hard to believe I won't see him again until the next life hopefully in Heaven. Rest in peace my friend. You will always be at our reunions in spirit.

05/31/11 06:34 PM #3    

Daniel Armbruster


You were very funny the day you blackened out some of you teeth with a lead pencil. You looked like Mad Magazine's main character.  Ron Werner, I think, and a couple guys thought you were coming up with something good.  When Sister called on you, you stood up, and smiled as big as possible.  You brought us to standing still, a moment in time, all laughing hard.  Our teachers for years, would let you slide, because you were "all boy"!  I think of you when I drive be your Mom and Dad's, with the picket fence right at the sidewalk, near Carondelet Park.

I sure hope your wife and kids can laugh as hard as we do when we think of you.  I never met anyone like you, John.

Your friend,



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