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Profile Updated: July 11, 2016
Residing In:
Belleville, IL USA
Sharon (currently seperated)
RN-retired after 40years
Jason 1977
Bryan 1979
Stephen stepson 1978
Erik 1983

Jonathan More…1995
Dallas 1996
Savannah 2002 (step-grandchild)
Nathan 2002
Antonio 2007 (step-grandchild)
Shawn 2008 (step-grandchild)
Oliver 2016


Yes! Attending Reunion

After St. Mary's I attended Meramec CC and studied theatre. Was getting to be a good actor. After a very boring summer job packing piston rings into small boxes, I began thinking more about the future.
Another semester in theatre and had met the woman that would be my first wife. She was attending Lutheran School of Nursing. I became interested in the medical field at that time.
I had a hobby in photography and thought that x-ray technology would be a cool thing to do. I applied to Forest Park in their program. I was told I had about a 3 semester wait at that point. this was in October of 1972 ( I look at these dates now and they seem so long ago).
In January of 1973 I was called to the counselor's office. They had put me on the wrong waiting list and I could start nursing school in 2 weeks.
Divine intervention? Maybe.
Well I have been a Registered Nurse for 37 years. I started on general med and advanced to ER and ICU for 22 years. Even took care of some of our old classmates.
I am now in Long Term Care and love it even more than ICU.
My first wife and I divorced in 1990. Sharon and I were married in Las Vegas in 1991. My first wife died of a probable suicide in 2005.
I was away from the church for decades, but now attend regularly again.
So we are basically poor all the time, now, especially since we are virtually raising 3 of my step-grandkids, 9-4-3. The littlest is moderately autistic.
I still have a great outlook on life, because life is what it is.
Back when I was 10 I was hit by a truck and now have some wicked arthritis in about 17 joints. I am hoping to make it to early retirement before disability.
Anyway, I still have my hair(okay, my forehead has gotten a lot bigger), but I quit smoking 15 years ago(4pack a day) and gained about 100+ pounds. (Unfortunately, started up again recently. Got great stress in my life right). That '71 picture is depressing to look at.
But it is what it is.

I did work at Menard Correctional Center for 13 months. Had the 'joy' of taking care of the likes of John Wayne Gacy, Richard Speck, and other great men of God.

God bless you all and thanks for this great website to connect.
PS: I used to loathe facebook and cell phones, love craigslist.
Deus te amat.

School Story:

I remember Brother O'Meara and how he would cry when students didn't get what he was saying.

I remember Mr. Schoenencase and his burping through the class after lunch period.

I remember sitting in library one day and seeing Br. Hyers fish go down the glass pipes.

Speaking of the library. Br. Burch and his double breasted suit.

How about the lunchroom mashed potatos and gravy? Mmmmm. Good. Unfortunately, I also remember the day Coach Newhouse left us.

Home Parish (where you grew up)

St. Margaret's of Scotland

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JAMES EGLER has a birthday today.
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JAMES EGLER has a birthday today.
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Not only was a fellow dragon, we also went to St. Margatet of Scotland grade school. My condolences to his family

JAMES EGLER has a birthday today.
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Happy Birthday.